Beat Back bug or exploit?

So over the past week I’ve had two games where an opponent played Beat Back on my unit and placed it on top of one of my other units, effectively killing/replacing it.. You’re only supposed to be able to put it on an unengaged Warrior’s space. Is this a known glitch or exploit? Has anyone else have this happen to them? I tried doing it myself and it will only work like the card says when I try.


  • SirPentSirPent Posts: 27

    Never seen this, but I will have a look for that in my games

  • MaroonfaceliftMaroonfacelift Posts: 2
    I've had Beat Back played against me three times only once was it played in accordance to the cards description. The other two times it was used as you described to permently delete a stack of 2 units. And I do mean delete! The units are not put into the discard pile but completely removed from the game and I'm left playing a deck of 28 cards.

    The first time I was playing destruction and they moved a stacking unit from my far left champion onto a unit with a stack of 1 on my far right champion. I thought maybe because it was a stacking unit the card thought it was a legit play and would just put it on top the stack even if it went against Beat Backs card description. Nope the two units just disappeared, effectively deleted from the game entirely.

    The second time I was playing Death and had a Hexwraiths with a stack of 1 on my far right champion and a Feasting Vargheist on my far left champion. They played Beat back and moved the Vargheist on top of my hexwraiths and deleted the two units from the game.
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    Hey Beat Back Community

    Interesting stuff here, I've forwarded on to the team to get a definitive answer regarding this ability.
    They should go back to the discard pile in my eyes/opinion. Plus the effect of the card states for the highlighted unit to go on a disengaged warrior

  • ajefferismajefferism Posts: 3
    Just happened again, the players name was “Satachi” (sp?) played Beat Back on my celestial prosecutor and plopped it on my Longstrike Raptor, effectively deleting it. Game was played around 845 -850am Eastern time. He used a destruction Gordrakk deck.

    Avoid this cheater. I will block him when my Recent list updates, another glitch? Recents only show players 13 hours or later.
  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Before anyone is called a cheater, lets check with the QA team so then can advise :)

  • MaroonfaceliftMaroonfacelift Posts: 2
    Just happened again. Maroonfacelift (me) vs Saluki Pups . I took a screen shot and you can see the Beat Back in his graveyard and the total count of my cards (hand+deck+graveyard+cards in play) = 29. This is at least a bug if not an exploit that some players are abusing, Saluki pups had 3 "beat backs" in his deck but only exploited it once. The other times I only had one unit on the board. when you can get a free action and a free removal(more accurately deletion) and move another players unit it makes "beat back" extremely advantageous
  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Anyone got any video of this happening?

  • ajefferismajefferism Posts: 3
    4bitbaker, hmmm I guess I could play on my iPad and iPhone video opponents turns while I play if I see they have beat back...
  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    To advise this bug was fixed in our recent update :)

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