Can't for the F life of me beat this god dam Campaign...

The new Campaign monster in the mist, i just can;t **** WIN no matter what deck i **** use. I try offensive wizards, offensive units and ability's, defensive decks and **** defensive spell decks but i just cant **** this **** **** because he just spams insane amounts of dmg and **** healing at the same time. I'm about to smash my **** tablet on the cunting wall right now!


  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    First off swearing and the of the c-word isn't the best way to say Hi about campaigns :)

    Which stage of the campaign you having trouble with :)
    I'm sure our players have suggestions what you can use or play.

    I've been using a mixture of Chaos Wizards, and Death Risen

  • GisborneGisborne Posts: 45

    The first one which is why it's annoying as ****...

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