Double Hit if 2+ Beast Rotates

War Chant gives a +1 Rotate for a unit. This is played on a Savage Board Boss that gives +1 Rotate as well.

End result is the card (Arachnarok Spider) hits twice for 6+6 = 12 damage.

It should only hit for 6 damage.

Seems like it was intentionally abused in Ranked, should run a database search and probably ban/purge the games where it was abused.


  • BokehBotBokehBot Posts: 39

    Looks like it works for other units too, in this example the Trampling Grunta also did 2 damage.

  • BokehBotBokehBot Posts: 39

    It's clearly a bug as it requires War Chant in that specific position. Likely an off by 1 error dealing with arrays or something at position 0 / position 1.

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