Blood for the blood god bug

Platform: iOS 11.2.6
Model: iPhone 8
Description: I was playing a casual match, and i had a transmorgifying flamer on a chaos champion. I then played blood to the blood god on an ogroid thaumaturge to remove it. The flamer worked, but it did not trigger the last quest “removal” space on the thaumaturge which could have helped me win.


  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Hey Shadowfang

    There's no bug here unfortunately, it's because of the Transmogrifying Flamer is replaced on the field by the card you choose by it's Last Stand effect for example Pack of Bloodletters.

    Hope that clears this up :)

    We recently did a breakdown of this card and also on Ethereal Horde which explained why these cards are removed and doesn't trigger your Champions Quest

  • shadowfangshadowfang Posts: 9
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