Weekly Champions Event in Leeds UK

Howdy folks, Steve here!

I just wanted to post the details of this event for any folks that didn't know about it and want to get into playing the physical game more.
Myself and a friend are spearheading the AoS Champions weekly event at the Geek Retreat in Leeds and are looking to get more people interested in joining us. The event takes place every Tuesday from 6pm to 9pm and for the time being entry is free. If we can get enough players we may look into organising tournaments and other workshops.

If anyone has any more questions then feel free to ask me and I look forward to seeing more people there.

Blood for the Blood God!


  • Scott101Scott101 Posts: 1Applicant
    Hi Steve my names Scott I really like this game I have pals interested in the game I would down for joining ur group I have a few decks myself cheers
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