Some questions from a new player. Physical and digital.

So I love TCG’s and also Warhammer so a great mix here. I have been playing around a week now and had some questions to which I would really appreciate the advice from the community about, (mainly about some purchases).

1). The digital game seems incredibly generous and gives you a lot of stuff. I have gone through the megashare booster thread and the rewards are understandably getting less feequent. Is there a point you feel it’s worth stopping?

2) Although it is generous I have spent like £20 on gems to support the developer and give myself a starting boost. Not played against real players yet. This leads into some sub questions:

- Is the app developer part of games workshop or something? Just trying to understand who benefits from digital/physical purchases?

- I feel that buying the physical booster boxes would be best. Was thinking to just buy 1 box of 24 boosters for each set.

- On that basis would you buy champions or onslaught first? To be fair I will get one of each, this is more a question to get a feel for power levels. I am aware that there is a new set out soon.

- Playfusion via eBay seems to be the cheapest if I am correct?

3). With regards to new set I see there is a circa £17.99 warband set coming out. Will that have exclusive cards not available in any booster packs? Trying to understand if it’s a good purchase alongside a 24 booster box.

4). There seems to be a rarity above rare for which there is 1 blessing card per faction. How do you get these?

5). I believe destruction is still strongest. Is there a best site to look at meta deck recipes? Lazy I know but I admittedly am not as good at creating my own and I love trying other people’s powerful or simply just fun decks :).

Thanks for reading and any help you can provide!


  • Lister569Lister569 Posts: 11
    I’d say having the real cards(starting with the set 1) gives you best of both worlds (physical and digital) although no purchase is necessary if you’d like to earn all of your cards on the app by playing a bit.
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