STEAM vs ANDROID - differently acting stacking?


i first time play on PC today and I have weird action with stacking unit in destruction deck. I think my card "Surround 'em" work different - on Android when I take card from stack, the others start from the beginning - on steam remaining card automaticly have last corner.


  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Hey Beredinn

    Do you remember the layout of the cards you had in play, such as the cards you had originally on the stack before playing the card "Surround Em".

    Just so I can understand a bit more about what is acting differently :)

  • beredinnberedinn Posts: 16
    new wersion on smartphone work like steam - different than old version on smartphone.

    I make this again minute ago on second-position boss (loud-mouthed megaboss). on first turn i put on him "savage stickass" and "orruk scrappers". on second turn (orruk go to 2-nd corner) i put "Suprising skulkers" on the top of this stack. after few turns "skullkers give 7dmg, I use on this stack "surround'em". skullkers land on other champions lane on his last corner (ok, is good) but i stay with "orruk scrappers" with one stack on last corner. Before system upgrade this "orruk...." reset and start on first corner.
  • beredinnberedinn Posts: 16
    Ok, I tried to do it the third time with "cowardly groots" on top of stack and work good. Maybe is problem only when top is "skulkers"?

    I think bug reporting would be faster if the game saved the moves
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