Soul manipulation (chaos blessing) strange bug

Hey, I have another bug for You :tired_face:

I played "Treacherous bond" on my 4'th champion ("Iridescent horror", btw). This card did the last task of this champion, and I got a blessing - "Soul manipulation". I put one of the new card form deck ("Bolt of Tzeentch") on the same "Iridescent horror", which had all the time "Treacherous bond" in Limbo (white card).

the new "Bolt of Tzeentch" entered normally, erased the "Treacherous bond".

In the next turn this card correctly turned to second corner... to act like "Treacherous bond" - deal 'equal damage', - even though the corner was "X ".

In the third turn, the card turned to the third corner - normally.

In the fourth turn, card did not turn around, staying in the third corner ... and probably would stay there, but game allow me to play new card from hand on this lane - as if the line was empty. In short, the "bolt" acted as "treacherous", and after doing the work consistent with the description "treacherous" became a ghost card.


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    Ahhhh this sounds interesting,

    A - Did the 9 Damage occur on the final (4th corner?)
    B - Did you witness's damage occurring even though "Treacherous Bond" was removed from play by
    "Soul Manipulation" on the 2nd corner while Bolt of Tzeentch was in play?

    Just checking on notes before further advising to the team :)

  • beredinnberedinn Posts: 16

    A - no, card don't rotate on fourth corner. I put a new card on this line, as if this card was not there at all.
    B - yes - "Bolt of Tzeentch" on second corner give me "when oponent deal damage, deal the same damage to oponent", like "Treacherous bond".

    In next post i put some photo ;)

  • beredinnberedinn Posts: 16

    First photo: start opponent turn after rotate, before playing card.

    After this photo He play "Show-off groots" and draw one card. My card rotate BUT "Bolt" dont rotate. I forgot make photo before I put "Shield of thorns", but look on the opponent health.

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