German Boosters!

Hi. Is there any plan to bring the new AOSC boosters in german? I know a lot of people wont buy the english ones, because they dont want to mix languages and some of them quit the game because Germany is 2 waves behind english people and cant play with the new cards digital, because they cant scan there cards to play and win digital matches. Because they cant buy physical german new booster cards. I hope you know what i mean, my english is not that good. And by the way, the game is awesome great job, thx for your hard work, i appreciate that!


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    me too!

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    Our playgroup too!
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    Hey Eladio

    English was spot on in regards to enquiring about if and when the next instalment of German Wave 2/3 cards are on route correct?

    Currently, we have no new information to provide at this time; however, you are able to scan UK cards into the app!

    If you go to scan cards and click the flag icon near the bottom right-hand corner this will switch the countries and then allow you to scan UK cards into Warhammer Champions.

    Hope that helps!

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    Hi 4BitBaker,

    I don't know what you're alluding to with the English usage statement, but if you don't want to ask questions about localization here, then I'm sorry to have asked for it.

    I know that I can scan English cards but that's not the point. I cant scan German cards, because they doesn`t exist ;)

    It is about the fact that in Germany hardly anyone buys the English cards, since there are also German cards and then to mix them because it takes months to translate Wave 2/3 is for many simply no option.

    If you feel personally attacked, come down.

    I love the game and want to see it successful, criticism and praise is necessary as well as important for it.

    Your comment doesnt help the German Community sorry ans i hope you're not a developer with that kind of attitude.

    I alleady have an official statement from the official AOSC Facebook-Page:

    Hey there - thank you for your interest in cards. We are working on making Champions more accessible in different languages however do not have a date currently. As soon as there is an update I will let you know :-)

    Another answer in reddit:

    German wave 2 boosters will be released in April, in assuming wave 3 will also be released when wave 4 is released in English.
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