New player - mobile interface issue

Hello everyone, I'm new to both game and community and I'm having a blast so far with this game.

I mainly played hearthstone in the last years, plus some physical MTG back in the days, and I'm really really surprised by the depth, fun factor and polish level of this game despite how recent its release is. Great job.

Lenghty presentations aside, I'd like to ask something relative to the user interface, specifically on the space reserved for cards in hand beneath the lanes.

When I happen to hold a good chunk of cards in hand (like 7-8 or more) the leftmost part of my hand simply disappears outside of the screen, only to reappear later when card count starts to drop.

Is this due to the screen size of my device or a bug or something in the game settings?
I play on a 5.5" asus zenfone 4

P.S. If you notice some errors (or, well, horrors :smile: ) in my english please be understanding, I'm not native and quite rusty too


  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Hey Rando

    English came across clear which is good, if you can obtain any screenshots of this happening on your device and e-mail them over to [email protected]; that'll be fantastic.

    Generally, cards shouldn't disappear in hand and magically appear since you use your input (finger, stylus etc) to move the cards around in your hand to view what you can play and the amount you have available to you.

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