Bug with Commanding the Dead and Prowling Wolf

Playing a match VS the AI (death deck, one of the temporary campaigns) to test a deck.

I had a Prowling Wolf placed across from a Warrior champion.
The Wizard next to that champion used Commanding the Dead to get a Infected Terrorgheist in the spot opposite my Wolf.
He discards a card.
The Wolf then triggers, dealing 3 damage and exhausting.
But then, the Terrorgheist remained on the playing field!

I would have expected it to be removed again and then deal 4 damage to me due to its last stand.


  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod
    edited March 6

    Hey Godwin

    It sounds like you came up against this Blessing in the campaign - Deathless Thralls

    Meaning this is why the Infected Terrorgheist wasn't removed

  • DaveDave Posts: 1
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    Could I hazard a guess that you were playing A Lurking Evil: Stage 2 of Monsters in The Mist?

    Stages 2 & 4 of the Monster in the Mist campaign allow your Opponent to start with the Deathless Thralls blessing in play. It prevents allied Units in its lane from being Removed. This may be the problem you're facing?

    There are just too many monsters hiding in the mist...
  • GodwinGodwin Posts: 17
    Hmm normally I pay attention to Blessings and such active.. I don't think so but then I am not sure.

    It is the most logical conclusion.

    Let's assume it was that. If it happens again (without Blessing) I'll let you know!

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