Since 2-3 days now I seem to be matched against way more advanced players.

I was in Bronze 1, won the first 2 out of 5 games to advance to silver, and then:

Lose 9? games in a row: demoted to Bronze 2.

Lose a bunch, now I've lost my first of 2 games if I lose another I get demoted to Bronze 3.

It's really weird and unexplicable. I feel like I'm being matched against people with lots of cards (fancy cosmetics too etc.).

Thing that may indicate there's a bug suddenly is that it states I am in Gold III when I am about to demote. Saw this twice now. I am not in Gold III obviously but Bronze 2 currently.

So is this just a really bad streak of 2 days straight or is there a bug? In either case, it's NOT fun for beginners like me.
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