Bug: Skeletal Legion

First of all, I cant chose Category "Bug reporting" you should expain why instead of simply greying it out....

Platform: Andorid

Platform Version: 8.1.0

Phone Model: Samsung J5

Opponent placed Skeletal Legion with one (1) supporting unit onto his Champion: "Accursed Wight King"

I play "Death for death" targeting Opponents "Skeletal Legion" an pick my "Transmogrifying Flamer" to be removed for "Death for death" effect To remove Opponets Skeletal Legion

3.) my "Transmorgifying Flamer" leaves game an triggers its last stand.

4.) I choose my "Slashing Screamer" to replace it

5.) Opponents Skeletal Legion was not removed


  • GodwinGodwin Posts: 17
    edited March 13

    Yes this is at the very least a counterintuitive one.

    I'm not sure it's a bug, but it's definitely not a great situation.

    Thing is that the Death for Death removal triggers its last stand which places down a unit and then when the card checks whether a unit or spell was removed it thinks there wasn't anything removed as there's a unit present.

    But yeah logically speaking something WAS removed, so it should remove your opponent's card.

    And logically speaking removal checks are not the same as "is there something in this spot"-checks.

    So I would hope it's a bug but it might be a consequence of rules that needs a more thorough look.

    In short: I hope you will get a more official answer as I am now curious as well!!

    EDIT: ok, got it now: Last Stand triggers when a unit is ABOUT TO BE REMOVED, so not on removal. So since the unit is replaced it's not removed (replaced doesn't count as removed), nothing was removed, so your opponent's card also doesn't get removed.

  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Hey Hoagie

    There is no bug here, as stated above Last Stand triggers first meaning nothing has been removed as the unit comes into play first.

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