Beat back doesn't give free action when used as last action for the turn

Several games I have noticed that if I use beat back as my last action in the turn I do not gain an additional action as the card states. The turn just ends. This is particularly frustrating when you are questing and trying to set up a removal or quest completion. Thanks for your time.


  • XDarkAngelXXDarkAngelX Posts: 126

    I have never seen that happen.

    Are you sure you didn't play it on a board where your opponent had Flesh to Stone out?

  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Hey Zanderson30

    I've just played a game using "Beat Back" this moment ago and Beat Back worked fine for me using it as my last action of the turn, allowing me 1 more additional action.

    Do you remember any of the cards on the field you were playing against?
    Also if it happens again, grab us a screenshot and we can chase further for you

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