Possible bugs with App.

Platform: Android

Phone: Samsung S9+

Can't edit decks. A message keeps popping up that I do not have enough cards. I've scanned about 8 booster packs + 4 campaign decks, unlocked cards in app and bought boosters in app. Not sure how many cards are needed.

Also, do not have any missions come up in missions tab.

Please help. Thanks


  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Hey Pozitron15 , this doesn't sound right

    Have you recently closed down the app, updated with the new version and re-loaded from the start?

  • Pozitron15Pozitron15 Posts: 3

    It has been updated with the same issue. I've also uninstalled and reinstalled the latest version with the same issue.
  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Okay, can you send us any screenshots you have plus your player tag over to [email protected], please :)
    Then the team can talk privately about the matter with you

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