Ancient skeletons

Volvo670Volvo670 Posts: 3Applicant
It seems to me that this card's effect does not work.

Effect: when this is removed, remove the top card of the stack.

This effect never seems to work at all.

And the be at the bottom, mid or top of stack and still all gets removed by opponent.
Am I doing something wrong?


  • GodwinGodwin Posts: 17

    If a card is on an X all card text (and thus effects) need to be ignored.
    Also, when a card is not the top in the stack, the whole card is ignored (except for providing 1 support).

    I think the X corner may be the culprit as it also surprised me when I was new at this game :)

  • Volvo670Volvo670 Posts: 3Applicant
    That make sense. Thanks
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