New to the game... First Deck I threw together

Would love advice. I'm awful at brewing decks. I actually did this one for my next YouTube video for this game:

Crawlocke the Jailor, Hungering Vampire Lord, Skeleton Champion, The Briar Queen

Growth of Ghyran, Hypersnare Seed, Reaper of Sorrows, Supernatural Horror

Bloody Thirst, Call of the Grave (2), Charging Black Knight (2), Cursed Strike, Dark Mist, Devour (2), Fearsome Crypt Flayer, Freakish Crypt Horror, Frenzied Vargheist, Fuel the Gravetide, Grasping Chains, Haunting Chainrasp Horde (2), Howling Vortex (2), Hungry Fell Bats (2), Lifestealer (2), Murderous Vargheist (2), Skeletal Legion (2), Soul Feast (2), Thorns of the Briar Queen, Unhallowed Mortis Engine


  • GodwinGodwin Posts: 17

    Well I'd advise you to not mix Briar Queen with vampires since the Briar Queen should want 3 spirits in play so she can deal 3 damage.
    Also put in some card draw (Feasting Vargheists which aren't spirits but as just 3 non-spirit units should be fine as they draw you spirit units, or the spell that scryes 4 and then draws 3).

    What I would in general advise is focus on one gimmick and then chock it full of that and stuff that synergizes with it, and make sure you have card draw and can complete your quests and have removal (3 devour should be mandatory).

    What do you want? Vampires or Risen or Spirits?

  • 406punisher406punisher Posts: 11Applicant
    Is Briar queen good for normal play or is it pretty confined to the box set she comes in?
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