So, Savagery Solo campaigns

NarkonNarkon Posts: 16
Has anyone managed to beat the "A Mysterious Prize" Savagery campaign? I can't even get past the first match. The opponent is hammering you non-stop with that card that return to his hand by discarding a card, their champions heal with every action they take and bring back discarded units based on their needs and it's stomping me with ease every time.
The worst part is that the decks they give you to play with are so unrefined, unoptimized and boring, and they make the game incredibly frustrating - almost feeling like I am punished for wanting to play the game. Only through luck of the draw I'll win most of these solo matches, if I decide it's worth the effort to try again. If you can't put together a decent deck with the new cards, at least let the players try their own decks. A waste of an opportunity to make players excited for the new cards.


  • DoomdogDoomdog Posts: 4
    I've found each campaign so far has had one battle which left me tearing my hair out with frustration, but the others I beat on my first or second attempt. It's very much a case of keep replaying that difficult battle until the cards come out in the right order for you, but eventually you'll beat it.
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