Better PC app


is it possible to make game looks more competitive to HS, MTG Arena etc ?

I am fine when I play the game on phone but on PC it looks terrible.

Loading screen "solo / versus" (when players meet each other) looks really terrible on PC.

On PC I feel like I am playing mobile game.

Have a nice day :)


  • 406punisher406punisher Posts: 11Applicant
    well, you are playing a mobile game on PC's literally the exact interface as mobile just accessible on your PC.
  • TomGamerTomGamer Posts: 7Applicant

    I know but this game can be easily competitive to HS or MTG Arena and well then I personaly prefer more shiny PC app with some cool card animations :)

  • yorickyorick Posts: 1Applicant
    Too much work to do besides offering new ways of moneysoak from playerbase.
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