Choking Vines / Dormancy Ruling

I've managed to get myself confused about when Dormancy ends and as Choking Vines triggers.

My understanding is that everything rotates (interrupted by Choking Vines rotating instead,) then all passive effects are applied, then all instand effects happen (deal damage, heal, ect.)

So if, for example, Pack of Bloodletters can't rotate, will it still deal damage for being on a instant effect corner?

Further more, what if a card stops being dormant after you finish rotating?
For example, if WAAAGH! CEREMONY exhausts do the units either side deal damage?

I was believing they did, due to how the game checks itself and it's how I was first taught, other disagree. Could people please quote/number any rules as to why thry wouldn't do their thing. I'm either missing a rule somewhere or it's not clear enough.

Many thanks.
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