Can't get other starter decks

hi guys,

i wrote this in the wrong forum-section. This is also probably a wrong one, but i cant use the "Bug-Reporting Category"
somehow completing games agains the AI doesn't give me the decks of the specific factions. Any advice or ist this a bug?



  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Hey Warpheus

    Can you supply us with more information please found below and send over to [email protected]

    -Player ID
    -What happened?
    -What information can you give /board state
    -Screenshot or Video if you can.

  • WarpheusWarpheus Posts: 5Applicant
    already did that around 2 hours ago
  • WarpheusWarpheus Posts: 5Applicant
    so i guess my problem is, that i cant find/enter the "proving grounds". i only find the option to play against the AI (home > solo > solo battles.)

    Can you please write down the points to follow to get to the proving grounds?
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