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Howdy Folks!

So I wanted to start a thread focused on decks I've built, used and enjoyed (both digitally and physically). I'll post a breakdown of the decks themselves, which cards are core to the play-style and general tips around how to use them.

Please feel free to post your own deck ideas or ask me any questions about my own.



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    OK so the first deck I'll show you all is probably a deck the majority of you will have seen before. It's main focus is dealing a large amount of Ability damage and is mostly centered around the Champion Skarbrand due to his incredibly easy Blessing Quests (2-3 turns completion with the right card draws).


    Skarbrand (9 cost, +1 Health)
    Bloodmaster, Herald of Khorne (2 cost, +2 Health)
    Bloodreaver Chieftain (3 Cost, 0 Health)
    Chaos Warrior (1 Cost, +1 Health)

    OK so with the Champions there is a lot of customization you can do regarding which ones you pick, this deck is the one I've used the most and this is the set up I prefer simply due to their easy Quests for Blessings and that they give me max health (35) at the start of the game. Other Champions I can recommend are;
    Herald of Nurgle (Low cost and +2 health)
    Blood Throne of Khorne (Heal on enemy Unit removal)
    Aspiring Deathbringer (+1 Ability Damage on disengaged enemy Champions)

    Total Carnage (+3 Damage to everything on that Champion when you are below 15 health)
    Outrageous Carnage (4 Damage and Remove up to 3 units from your opponent)
    Unrivalled Battlelust (Increased damage from all allies for 3 turns)
    Skull Throne (Increased damage from all allies which rotates forward upon any removal from yourself)

    Again with the Blessings there are some other options you can pick over these but I would definitely recommend keeping Total Carnage due to it's damage increase, especially if you get it under Skarbrand. At 10hp and under you can do +6 damage to all abilities which is just madness with the amount of abilities Chaos have available to them. Your aim with blessings for this deck would be to get as much damage as possible whether it is straight damage to your opponent or an Increase on damage.
    A few others I would recommend using are;
    Gaze of Nurgle (6 Damage or Heal)
    Path of Skulls (2 Damage every turn)

    Units/Abilities (There will be no Spells in this deck)

    Daemonic Fury x 3
    Furious Strike x 2
    Reckless Abandon x 3
    Blood Hunt x 2
    Putrid Offering x 2
    Scorn of Sorcery x 2
    Opportunity Strike x 1

    UNITS -
    Fanatical Skullfiend x 3
    Gore-slick Skullreaper x 3
    Pack of Bloodletters x 3
    Insatiable Bloodreaver x 2
    Transmogrifying Flamer x 2
    Repugnant Plague Drone x 2

    As always you can really pick and choose your own units if you feel others would be better but I'll explain the core play behind this deck and why these units are my picks.

    On your first turn you want to play a unit with damage on their first 2 corners onto Skarbrand (Bloodletters, Fanatical Skullfiend) as these will passively progress his first 2 quests. If you get lucky on card draws then you should have 2 different abilities that you could potentially play on turn 2 and complete his Blessing Quests. Depending on the blessing you get, this puts you in a strong position for the "Mid-game". The whole idea around this deck is to win within the first 10ish turns. If you find a game going longer than 10 turns then you run the risk of your opponent getting their deck rolling. I would also avoid using any heals as you want to aim to be below 10 - 15 health to get the damage bonus' from Total Carnage and Skarbrand himself.
    This deck takes as little healing as possible and the only heals you can get should only really be used if you believe your opponent can win if you don't

    Last stands are another key mechanic I use in this deck. Using a Reckless Abandon on a Gore-Slick Skullreaper or a Fanatical Skullfiend on their last corner gives you a minimum of 9 damage (3 from their last corner, 2 from their Last Stand and 4 from Reckless Abandon). This is a very strong mechanic to make use of throughout the game.

    Also don't be afraid to play Units and Abilities on other Champions if you find your opponent is shutting down Skarbrand by removing his Units or reducing his damage. This deck is strong enough to push through a tenacious opponent and have them on the back foot the entire game.

    Finally as this is my first "Guide" there will most likely be many gaps and things that I have missed so please feel free to ask any questions about it and I hope you enjoy presenting your new skull collection to Khorne.

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