login failed

Platform: Switch, IOS

Platform Version: ios 12.1.4

Phone Model:iphone 6

A brief description of Bug: Error Message:Login Failed ( Error loading profile - please try again later.)
(its different from logged in somewhere else)

Events leading up to Bug:start the app/ restart the device and start the app

Did you resolve the issue in any way (even if temporary):no


  • ScottRockitScottRockit Posts: 1Applicant
    I’m experiencing the exact same thing.

    iPhone 5c

    iOS 10.0.1

    What’s going on?
  • cloudedmundcloudedmund Posts: 3Applicant
    at first i tot its due to some server maintenance (its rank game season ending)

    its been like that for a few hours and there's no announcement about it
  • asphyxiationasphyxiation Posts: 1Applicant


    was playing a game just before season end, then got the same login error. reinstalling doesnt help. Havent tried mobile app since(linked accs).
  • cloudedmundcloudedmund Posts: 3Applicant
    now it becomes no servers found for your app version. but clicking the update button doesn't trigger anything and there's no newer version from the app store.

    i believe there's an update coming and the server was down etc.

    at least post an announcement or have an announcement page in the app to keep us informed
  • afrocigarafrocigar Posts: 1
    I'm in as of 0430 central
  • 4BitBaker4BitBaker Posts: 83Moderator Mod

    Regarding the technical fault, this morning of error log in all players now should have this fixed

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