Bug report (& cannot seem to access bug category)

MadMathisMadMathis Posts: 1Applicant
When I select a category, the bug reporting option is greyed out. Here's my bug:

Platform: Steam/PC

Destruction blessing Jaws of Destruction in play, one stacking unit in play, showing support 1 from blessing. Brutish Resilience played next to it, which should mitigate 1 base damage + 1 damage from adjacent support, but it only mitigated the 1 base damage. Thus it seems Brutish Resilience is not checking for extra support value from Jaws of Destruction, and/or Jaws is not reporting its extra support value to Brutish Resilience.

Unless this is the intended interaction, based on some rules not apparent to me? If so it should be made clearer on the cards, ideally.

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