Discard Rulings Questions

I have a question regarding the Sylvaneth units. A lot of syvaneth units and cards state "When you discard a card, do X"
The thing is, what counts as discarding in this instance? In the rulebook it states that an exhausted unit is discarded. A removed unit is discarded. A card directly from your hand to the discard pile is discarded. Honestly it describes pretty much any movement from anywhere to the discard pile as the card being "discarded" However, that seems incredibly overpowered. Sylvaneth would be healing more than anyone could damage, not to mention cards that would bring themselves back.

For excample, the Screeching Spite-Revenant (I do not know how to put those images on here) has an ability that states "When you discard this card you may deploy it on a highlighted champion. Normal restrictions apply" And the highlight is all your champions. If exhaustion and removal both count as you "discarding" the Spite-Revenant, than it would just keep deploying itself. It would be an invincible unit.
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