App keeps crashing during Realm Trial Bloodthirty Formation

User : Ace Rimmer

Platform: Android

Platform Version: 7.0

Phone Model: Sony Xperia G3311

A brief description of Bug: When I get to between 10 & 12 cards left with my death discard/regen deck in a comfortable health / hand position to ride out the rest of the game and deck out the Bloodthirsty formation it keeps deliberately dropping the connection to force me to forfeit as it either won't reconnect at all and immediately forces a forfeit or it just hangs indefinitely when I do try. It's done this at least 6 times back to back in the last 40 minutes or so.

Events leading up to Bug: I'll play as I usually do (damage mitigation, healing, deck regeneration, units that force enemy discard/removal) and the connection drops everytime I get to between 10& 12 cards left in my deck with a plentiful supply of health. It doesn't seem to make a difference what cards I play, merely that I have 10-12 cards in my deck, 2-8 in hand (including numerous deck rebuilding cards) and the enemy has between 10-15 cards in deck&hand.

Did you resolve the issue in any way (even if temporary): No.
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