Mordant Deck Idea

First the list, then a break down of how it works.

Champions: Ghoul King, Crypt Haunter x 2, Varghulf
Blessings: Royal Hunt (stack damage), Cloak of Mist (stack damage and find match-up), Morbid Terror (damage, card removal), Supernatural Horror (shuts down your opponent for three turns, but careful because they will draw cards as a response typically)

Fearsome Crypt Flayer x3 (damage and delay)
Freakish Crypt Horror x3 (key to rotating Haunter)
Ravenous Crypt Ghoul x 3 (damage)
Feasting Vargheist x3 (key to rotating Haunter, draw)
Frenzied Vargheist x3 (damage, removal and plus action, 3 for 1 card)

Black Hunger x3 (stack unit damage)
Cursed Strike x3 (ability damage, clear board faster)
Devour x3 (removal)
Opportunity Strike x2 (Potential 6 damage out the gate)
Tactical Formation x 2 (find match up, draw)
Call of the Grave x2 ( small heal to turn Haunter, put Feasting Varg back into deck for more draw)

Optional Ideas
Scrying pool (extra draw is always good)
Frenzied Strike (ability damage plus card removal)
Turmoil of Souls Blessing (damage plus card removal)

The idea is to stack ability/unit damage as much as possible. Between blessings and champions you can get +6 damage to an ability, or +5 damage to units. Example, opportunity strike can get up to 11 damage if the setting is right and and the crypt ghoul can get up to 8 damage. 3/4 of the champions are very easy to turn and can complete their quest in two-three turns allowing quick access to blessing. Most of your bonus damage can't be removed either due to it being in the blessings and champions, so you only get stronger as the game goes on.

The horror and Feasting Vargheist are key and you want one in the opening hand, stats wise you should have one of these in your opening hand. This allows the Haunter to turn 2-3 corners by turn 2-3. And even if you don't get these in the opening hand, there are other ways to still turn them quickly. The Varghulf can be a little tricky to turn due to the "removal" corner, but with 6 removal cards it should happen quickly enough. Use Tactical Formation and the Cloak blessing to move champions to find the best match up so you can get the most damage from your abilities. Don't ever count on turning the Ghoul King, it takes to long since its three Mordant units in a row, and mordant units last 3-4 turns, and unless one gets removed, that's 9 turns minimum to get him fully turned. I try to keep him open any way and in the first/second lane so he can drop the Black Hunger to buff all the other units after him, easily adding an extra 4 to 6 damage to your units for two turns. Don't be surprised if this gets removed though as it will be viewed as a big threat. Otherwise people tend to not bother removing small units outside of the Frenzied Varghiest because of his plus action/removal. Use the units with removal/dormant as a deterrent and Devour/Cursed Strike to keep the board clear for Opportunity strike. Most people wont play into these units if their unit if its just going to get removed or do nothing for two turns.

The deck has a little bit of healing to help sustain long enough to get enough damage out. I'm sure there will be counters, and if they don't have a 7+ cost champion you do lose out on one blessing, but most decks I've seen do have at least one over 7.

Ive done pretty well with it so far and just wanted to share, thanks ahead for any ideas/ comments.



  • Sounds interesting, I'm new to the game and still unsure of things myself but would love to hear how it plays for you
  • ZedlovskiZedlovski Posts: 8
    Played a few games over the weekend, so far this deck is 6 and 1. It lost to the order starter deck, lol. RNG killed me and he had the answer every time, couldn't believe it, but it happens. I did drop call of the grave and put Scrying Pool in, I liked the results better. I just never had a reason to play call of the grave.

    It did lose to another Order deck but after the game we realized a massive rule mistake he did that caused a 19 damage swing, so I don't count that one.
  • KolfenKolfen Posts: 14
    I think the vargulf is unnecessary. Maybe switch him out and get less spells? The deck seems too slow vs aggro order/destruction.
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    I don't like Vaghulf (you need to out-heal -2 health and he is impossible to quest)
    Units are OK, call of the grave is really bad. I don't think recycling Vargheist is that good, as he does not achieve a lot, except the initial quest hits on haunter and replacing itself.

    Feasting Vargheist is highly overrated, if you dont run vampires or crypt haunter I would go down to x2, with your haunter you can play him x3, but rather recycle ghouls with devour, as they do the damage to win the game. I see so many Death player recycling their varghs with devour and then playing 3-4 in one game, while just losing the game

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