Archaon feels more wizard than warrior.

What is everyone's thoughts on the big guy? It feels like you should have at lest one other wizard with him and have the deck be huge on spells but that's just my take on him.


  • MiniMini Posts: 15
    Honestly i don't run wizards at the moment. I feel as if chaos in my opinion is the face hunter of aosc. I've been running 4 warriors and just get my blessing's out as quickly as possible with consistent damage from my units. and abilitie's. We are still early in the game and people are trying everything and that's the beauty of a new tcg.
  • From what I've seen, Chaos makes a good aggro deck yeah.

    But I've also seen you can play it as a bit of a Toolbox deck, running the Daemon synergies, fetch out whatever you need for that situation, I feel Archaon would fit better there than the more aggressive decks.

  • MiniMini Posts: 15
    I feel like you can play Chaos mid range as well but have not yet tested it. @TopHatCat
  • FamiliarFamiliar Posts: 21
    I'm running him with another wizard and it's working out okay.
  • shillshill Posts: 13
    I would love to figure out a daemon based list with summoning etc but have yet to have much success with it
  • mrgumakmrgumak Posts: 24
    Run him with other wizard being more supportish side, while Archaos does his job
  • I have been running archaon in a last stand Aggro deck purely for the wizard abilities. Cards like gaze of Khorne, blood for the blood god and gift of change are all fantastic for triggering last stand effects and keeping pressure up.

  • pabsxpabsx Posts: 1
    He really feels more like a warrior who happens to be able to play wizard abilities which are really important in chaos decks
  • @FrostyPrime You have a list I could check out, really want Archaon do to some work.
  • 25_Pixels25_Pixels Posts: 1
    Personally in my deck I only use Archaon for blood for the blood God, and his +3 health. But I haven't looked into a lot of the chaos spells.
  • LooshkinLooshkin Posts: 4
    Archaon just feels underpowered compared to the other buffing options available to chaos. I know that I don't worry too much when I face him. Much rather that than the Bloodthirster buffing 2 final corners.
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