Speed Demon

Updated my deck and have been having great success. Hurricane Raptors are annoying, though

Gaunt Summoner
2 Chaos Champion

Wanton Destruction
Chaos Runeblade
Outrageous Carnage
The Path of Skulls

Units - 14
3 Capricious Flamer
3 Screaming Screecher
3 Transmogrifying Flamer
1 Reckless Juggernaut
2 Fearless Khorgoraths
2 Bloodfury Wrathmonger

Abilities - 11
3 Gift of Change
3 Tactical Formation
3 Blood Hunt
2 Blood for the Blood God

Spells - 5
3 Rejoice in Slaughter
2 Summon Deamon

Archaon plus tactical formation allows Archaon to move around the board while taking out enemy units. It also allows for tricky ways dodge removal effects on units like Stardrake.

Capricious is good because opponents are forced to remove it or put a unit in its lane to avoid taking 7 damage. Moreover, it lures units into its lane which increases blood hunt's utility on Archaon.


  • MiniMini Posts: 15

    I recommend skull throne it increases damage for every type of card. It's a card that just has amazing value

  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭

    I'll try it out. I would swap out the path of skulls for it. I may just put in Spelleater curse over either to just drop 4 right away.

  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭

    Or unrivaled battle-lust

  • prophecyprophecy Posts: 2
    hm only 5 spells with 2 wizards ? Why the Gaunt Summoner ? only for his summon daemon ability?
  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭

    Gaunt summoner can bring back demons from the grave. Going to try pain induced fury over summon daemon. Rejoice in slaughter is great here but it slows down Archaon who makes good use of wizard abilities. I treat gaunt as the only spell user

  • prophecyprophecy Posts: 2
    ah ok that makes sense to me :-)

    iam looking for a good way to include archaon in a chaos deck maybe i will try this out :smiley:
  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭
    edited August 2018

    @prophecy said:
    ah ok that makes sense to me :-)

    iam looking for a good way to include archaon in a chaos deck maybe i will try this out :smiley:

    Awesome, There are many choices to make with this deck while playing. I should say Rejoice only slows down Archaon if it is on Archaon. Otherwise, Rejoice in Slaughter keeps the deck chugging along quickly.

  • John_P_MonroeJohn_P_Monroe Posts: 13
    going to play test this one :D we're a small community in Zurich Switzerland, bur allof us are eager to play.
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    I agree, Archaon should use wizard abilities but not spells.
    Blood is only used for Transmorg Flamer? Becaue with the wizard abillities the deck could support more Last stand units.

  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭

    I have since updated the deck to a more stable and damaging deck.

    same champs and blessings

    2 Slashing Screamer
    2 Starving Flesh Hounds
    1 Pack of Bloodletters
    1 Reckless Juggernaut
    3 Bloodfury Wrathmonger
    2 Gore-slick
    2 Frenzied Skullfiend
    2 Insatiable Bloodreaver

    2 Gift of Change
    2 Blood for the Blood God
    2 Gaze of Khorn
    3 Blood Hunt
    1 Tactical Formation

    3 Rejoice in Slaughter
    2 Pain-induced Fury

    Some numbers could be swapped around based on preference
    The last stand guys make for better combos and good defense against sweeping gore grunta.

  • Not a fan of the fearless khorgoraths? I find those guys pretty invaluable for slowing down destruction.

    I think a lot of 1 ofs of the tech cards is good in the 3O card deck. I like a 1 of frenzied devotion, pain induced fury, tactical formation etc. this way they don’t clog up the hand and interfere with how this deck wins and that’s with rejoice in slaughter combos:)

  • Bawaji96Bawaji96 Posts: 14
    Looks good!!
  • Sweeping Gore Grunta is the bane of my existance, I might play around with this a bit it looks interesting. Especially since people keep complaining about Gordrak, he's not a problem if you beat him quickly

  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭

    Yeah. Fearless khorgorath is good but I prefer it in other decks like bloodthirster

  • Sweeping for grunta is one of my favourite units in destruction
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