Call of war or war chant? Which is superior.

Both cards fill a very similar roll in destruction decks. Card advantage and deploying units. Both are very effecient action wise. Auto deploying units is great for action economy but war chant suffers from its variable nature. Drawing a non unit off the trigger is not terrible but neither is it preferable. More value can be gotten from war chant but call of war has the reliable ability to get the exact orruk or grot unit you need in any given situation. Which of these two would you guys run and why?


  • stubobjstubobj Posts: 44
    I definitely like call of war better. Not only for the reasons you gave but i love running silver bullet style decks. And call of war allows you to run some singletons and still stay efficient. Also even tho drawing cards us good I hate giving my opponent info.
  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    Why can't you run both out of interest?

  • LunarchLunarch Posts: 9
    > @Champion said:
    > Why can't you run both out of interest?

    You can run both but they are so similar they compete with each other for deck slots.

    Hi @Lunarch

    In my opinion I would say war chant is the better card. Ok you are not guaranteed a unit but your getting 2 free draws. With the potential of deploying a unit and rotating.
    You get a brute smashas and that's 4 damage off the bat.

  • shillshill Posts: 13
    I like Call of war as it doesn't stick for as long which allows me to play other spells/abilities sooner
  • shillshill Posts: 13
    And it has amazing art :smile:
  • mrgumakmrgumak Posts: 24
    For normal, lets say universal wizard - Call of war, so you can play other spells, do dmg, quests etc faster.
    For support wizard, where u wont quest at all probably anyway- war chant, deploy AND rotate is very strong
  • MorgorMorgor Posts: 10
    I like both but they belong to differ builds imo.
  • QestroyQestroy Posts: 12
    I like faster cards so call to war is my preferred
  • axelorqueaxelorque Posts: 12
    definitely: call to war
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