Wizards of Mork! Cunningly Brutal!

== Champions ==
Snazzgar Stinkmullett (6)
Kunnin' Grot Shaman (4)
Megaboss on Maw-Krusha (8) - (Honestly may just take 2 Boar Boss instead of Megaboss)
Savage Boar Boss (2)

== Units == 11
3x Stomping Maw-Krusha
3x Trampling Grunta
2x Frenzied Warboar
3x Pounding Wolf Rider

== Spells == 12
1x Foot of Gork
3x Gaze of Mork
3x Putrid Puke
3x Arcane Bolt
2x War Chant

== Abilities == 7
3x Deadly Chop
2x WAAAGH! Infusion
2x Rallying Cry

== Blessings ==
Ushering of the WAAAGH!
Smash and Bash
Renewed War-Lust
Might of Gork

So Destruction is all about the face smashy Warrior aspect, so we tend to overlook the face ZAPPY aspect of Wizards!

I noticed that a lot of the Destruction Spells did really good damage with only 2 or 3 corners, much speedier than some other factions, so I decided to try out a Spell Heavy deck.

Snazzgar can pop an Arcane Bolt for big spike, Kunnin' Grot is just great for survivability (always make sure to place your Warriors either side of him). I decided to go with Beast synergy for the Unit side, as a lot of them help you control the board, delaying your opponents damage by locking down their lanes. As well as granting you extra actions (and so, extra cards).
Due to the Champions quest corners, the deck was lacking Abilities, so I added in 2 Rallying Cry, this is very useful as it allows you to play down Units onto your Wizards if you really need too/ran out of Spells.

Honestly my biggest issue with the deck currently is what Champions to take. Still very up in the air on which ones I want, so will be swapping lots back and forth testing them. I also wanted to find space for other good units such as Big Stabba Crew, WAAAGH! Chanter, and EVEN MOAR SPELLZ!!! But, 30 card decks are veeeery smol, like grot.

Anyway, It was just a fun experiment of a deck, but I defo need to play-test it a lot and refine the balance, but hey!
Here is my basic shell so far :D


  • CathyCathy Posts: 51 ✭✭

    What about a Loud-mouthed Megaboss, so you can rotate those Stomping Maw-Krushas around faster?

  • @Celthulhu said:
    What about a Loud-mouthed Megaboss, so you can rotate those Stomping Maw-Krushas around faster?

    The only issue with that is, it's first quest corner requires an Orruk unit, (but I guess I could swap the 3 Pouncing Wolf Riders for 3 WAAAGH! Chanters, or swap the 2 Frenzied Warboars for 2 Sweeping Gore-Grunta).
    Otherwise yeah that's a pretty good idea! Swap out the Mega-Boss, Defo something I'll have to playtest! Thanks :)

  • CathyCathy Posts: 51 ✭✭

    Didn't even notice the Orruk quest.

  • Deck update;
    -2 WAAAGH! Infusion
    +2 Reckless Inspiration
    (Gonna play test it some, but might -1 Arcane Bolt and add a 3rd Frenzied Warboar (or 3rd Reckless Inspiration).

    I've also been pondering adding Sweeping Gore-Grunta into the deck. Depending on how fast it runs/burns. Should be useful for slowing down my opponent.

    Also thinking 2 Boar Boss would be better just to help accelerate the Beast units.

  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭

    Snazzy Stinks is such a good card. On the second corner activate the heroic act with war chant to draw two an deploy. So good.

  • shillshill Posts: 13
    yeah they have some fantastic spells it's just a matter of figuring the right combination which can be harder than the 4 warriors smash face strategy
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