Kairos Fatebringer List

Thought of this list focused around removing units and casting spells. Two wizards make for lots of spell options and the Blessings are chosen to cause damage. The Units are all Daemons to work off of Gaunt Summoner.

Let me know what you think/ your own Kairos lists.

-Kairos Fateweaver
-Gaunt Summoner
-Blood Throne of Khorne
-Chaos Champion

-Outrageous Carnage
-The Path of Skulls
-Tzeentch's Fortune
-Spelleater Curse

(3)-Blue Flame
(3)-Infernal Gateway
(3)-Summon Daemon
(3)-Arcane Bolt

(3)-Blood Hunt
(1)-Gift of Change
(2)-Furious Strike

(3)-Capricious Flamer
(3)-Charging Bloodcrusher
(3)-Pink Horror Conjuror
(3)-Pack of Bloodletters



  • SlapChopzSlapChopz Posts: 125 ✭✭

    Slashing Screamer over Pack of Bloodletters or Charging Bloodcrusher. Slashing gets removal to get the most out of Kairos if he can summon Daemon it. Slashing also has access to removal faster than bloodcrusher.

    Unrivaled Battle-Lust over the path of skulls. It does bigger damage faster.

    Max out Gift of change over furious strike.

  • AlbanyAdrielAlbanyAdriel Posts: 39 ✭✭

    @SlapChopz Thanks for the suggestions! I will make all of these changes to my deck. Excited for when I can give it a test drive!

  • Xenith_IncXenith_Inc Posts: 32
    Looks like a fun list and I might just be able to make it!
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