Warhammer 40k Conquest

Anyone here an exile from the stupendous Conquest LCG? If so what was your favorite Warlord?

I was never into Kith but really enjoyed the Dark Eldar and played a ton of Salaine Morn. Also enjoyed how fun it was to play Chaos and the weird ways they warped the game.


  • ToqtamishToqtamish Posts: 16
    I played it and playtested it for a while.
  • DecepticleDecepticle Posts: 55

    That's really cool. Did you get to test any of the stuff that never got released like that killer looking Ork set they gave away art for at the last Worlds?

  • ToqtamishToqtamish Posts: 16
    No I stopped testing with the Tyranids box.
  • ProfProf Posts: 16

    Conquest was (is?) my favorite TCG game of all time. Definitely tried every warlord, but, played Kith the most.

  • keeblerpowellkeeblerpowell Posts: 5
    I played Conquest like a mad man till it died.... But my love the for sabertooth games version has yet to be matched. My favorite CCG of all times.
  • kempykempy Posts: 6
    Favourite? Epistolary Vezuel. Of course he was far from being top one, but was **** of fun to play.

    Officially Conquest died fast, but luckily there's enough good fan-made expansion that keep gaming fresh.
  • DrPoodsDrPoods Posts: 7
    It's a shame I missed it.

    Only realised Conquest had existed a few days ago.
  • Conquest was (is) an excellent game. It's a shame that FFG and GW parted ways, as Conquest was just starting to fill out the cardpool quite nicely.

    It's demise kinda burned me on licensed games for a while, but then Star Wars Destiny suckered me in (based on how many Star Wars games FFG has, I think it's unlikely that they'll lose that license any time soon), and now Age of Sigmar Champions.

    Really enjoyed Lightseekers, but it never took off locally. I'm hoping that the additional gameplay mechanics and strong license should help (GW seem to be throwing their IP everywhere at the moment, so I don't think there's much danger of Playfusion having it yanked out from under them).
  • gingerjordangingerjordan Posts: 26

    I picked up core and big box expansions when the FFG and GW split was announced. Have only played a couple of games to get the rules down. Need to play more. Seemed very good.

  • DeximasDeximas Posts: 8
    @Whingewood the fan made cards from apoka are still seeing a steady release cycle but obviously organised play is somewhat limited now the original cards are not actively being printed and the last official cycle received an incredibly small print run. but at least most of the initial apoka releases were to help balance out some of the under powered warlords like bar'zhul.
  • Templar1118Templar1118 Posts: 5
    Conquest was awesome. Eldorath has been my favorite since core. It was very sad the game died so abruptly.
  • Kusnix1Kusnix1 Posts: 15
    Nope, never ever played Warhammer 40000 Conquest. And one of the main reasons for not, is not being possible to play single player.
  • SarovanSarovan Posts: 29
    I personally didn't like it too much, I thought Warhammer Invasion was better.
  • ZorzogothZorzogoth Posts: 12
    Still playing Conquest as I find it the best cardgame together with Netrunner. I like the fact of positioning your units first and the need to fight for resources.

    The Apoka fan made cards really revived the game for our group. There's some very cool new warlords (like a Necron warlord that can't die, a tyranid one that breeds units in enemy units etc.) and Sisters of Battle are also a thing now. We printed them in Europe with printerstudio.de.
  • KolfenKolfen Posts: 14
    Conquest was really good
  • KolfenKolfen Posts: 14
    Especially for die hard wh fans
  • footlongfootlong Posts: 4

    I miss that game, too. Moved onto the Thrones LCG since, which is great as well. Favorite faction was/is Ork - Gorzod and Zoggy jank!

  • A Conquest port would be a good next Play Fusion game!
  • DiabloDiablo Posts: 32
    i m not a fan about 40k so i never played it.
  • HogfatherHogfather Posts: 6
    only got into it after it was canceled - got the cards for a steal.
    Seems like a good game, but I only get to play it very seldom.
  • LuisjoeyLuisjoey Posts: 7
    This game was very fun, sad it wasnt continued.

    still too much for developt
  • Here in Germany it was not even plaied at all... It´s a pity...
  • kempykempy Posts: 6
    edited March 4

    I think there were playgroups in Germany. I remember some results from Store Championships or even Regionals.

    Anyway, we nearly finished last swiss round of another online tournament. So time for Top 4.

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