Lose 1 Health for playing Death Spells and Abilities?

Is LS you lose one health, is that mechanic carried over?


  • DecepticleDecepticle Posts: 55

    Nightshade is the only Hero in LS that takes damage from playing Death cards. It's not a core mechanic baked into the game, just her downside for having Superiority in Poison and Shadow. (And if played well its not really much of a downside)

  • HardChaffHardChaff Posts: 41 ✭✭

    I played death at Warhammer fest and didn't notice anything like this, so don't think so

  • PunchausenPunchausen Posts: 41 ✭✭

    No, closest there are to that are a Chaos unit (Bezerkers or something)? That would sometimes damage you instead of the opponent

  • CrowCrow Posts: 25 Staff

    You don't lose health for playing cards unless the card specifically states you will lose health when playing it.

  • kellfakellfa Posts: 58 ✭✭

    There might be a spell or unit that will cause self damage but that will be a payment to do something since there are vampire units and champions so there are "drain" type of abilities and spells most likely in the game. So I wouldn't be shocked if there will be a a card or two that does self damage in the Death Order along with Chaos Order following Khorne units.

  • KaineousKaineous Posts: 26

    Eventually this might be a mechanic that add into future expansions.

  • Actually a lot of cards give you health
  • dirtcheapdirtcheap Posts: 27
    Hmm....I think I missed this if it is true.
  • I wonder if this sort of mechanic will make it's way into future expansions.

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