[Deck List] Lotann's Hordes

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After being asked to build an Aelf deck, I went in a kind of interesting direction, Noticing that a lot of the Aelf cards seemed to be low damage, but multiple corners, I fell in love with the idea of Lotann. Building around his ability to boost our Aelves damage and get more out of their corners.

~ ~ Champions ~ ~
Aspect of the Sea (11)
Isharann Soulrender (3)
Lotann (6)
Isharann Soulrender (3)
(If you want an easier time completing your quests, Lochian Prince can be run instead of Isharann Soulrender)
Our basic set up will always be, Lotann in the middle, 2 Soulrender either side of him, and Aspect on whatever far corner is left.

~ ~ Units ~ ~
3x Stardrake
3x Aetherwing Scout
3x Biovoltaic Morrsarr Guard
2x Razorshell Leviadon
3x Swift Namarti Reaver
3x Sweeping Namarti Thrall
2x Akhelian Barrier Guard

~ ~ Spells ~ ~
3x Warding Light
2x Inspired Glory

~ ~ Abilities ~ ~
3x Triumphant Smash
3x Jaws of Death

~ ~ Blessings ~ ~
Blessed Weapons
Tides of Death
Divine Blast

The basic stratergy here is to have a Beast infront of Lotann (preferably Aetherwing Scout, as it will sit there until removed or all it's corners have been triggered). This allows Lotann to buff up adjacent Aelf units. With a Scout infront of him, it basically gives +2dmg to all Aelves next to him, meaning Swift Namarti Reaver could be doing 3dmg per corner and spiking for high damage, or that Namarti Thrall could be doing a possible 4dmg per corner!
It will also grant +1dmg to the Razorshell, and with plenty of Aelf units it should be reliable enough to get your damage in.

You want to try and focus your removal on the Soulrenders, you have 4 removal corners but only 6 removal cards in the deck, (3 of which are Beasts you may need to use elsewhere). Plus smart opponents may deny you removal targets, but, if you can get atleast 1 flipped, Morrsarr Guard becomes incredible late-game value, allowing you to recycle all your Aelves. Which, if they are still getting damage buffs from Lotann can become incredibly threatening.

In this deck, you really want to set up turns, so don't be afraid to just pass and draw until you have cards to pull off a combo, you can play Scouts out early as they wont rotate, then place an Aelf either side to get the most out of your damage bonuses. The deck (as most Order decks do), really lacks any form of draw, so you have to get the most value you can, (though if you feel you can pull off one of your Quests, Go for it!).

I'd have liked to include some more Spells, Aspect of the Sea has a really awesome passive, but due to positioning he became kind of awkward as a lot of the Order Spells rely on having units either side. I had considered Seeker of Souls, let us rewind/re-use an Aelf unit like Thrall or Guard) and a Beast (like Scout or Stardrake etc), plus hangs around for 2 turns of Dormant, but wasn't really feeling it.
Another Spell I had considered was Inspired Glory, not only does it lock down the opposite lane as Dormant, but also locks it's adjacent lane as if your opponent plays there, they give you 2 cards there! (And eventually a possible 4). This is certainly one I've been tempted to play test, I may swap the 2 Arcane Bolts for 2 copies see how it does!). *I ended up making this change haha

As for Blessings, Blessed Weapons will buff up your weak (but 3-4 corner) Aelf units, Tides of Death grants us extra cards and lots of value, Divine Blast offers extra burst and Abjuration adds a bit more damage and importantly stall.

Over all, the deck relies on planning your turns ahead, managing your cards efficiently, getting the most you can out of them (since Aelf's seem to have very low damage but many corners), and being able to draw until you have some good cards in hand, (which can be very difficult/boring for a lot of players). Either way, Boom! A weird/interesting Aelf/Beast deck.

[[Deck Edit: -2 Arcane Bolt, +2 Inspired Glory]]


  • JustGregJustGreg Posts: 17
    Uncanny that not 3 minutes before you posted this, I posted a fairly similar list, but went with the aelf-beast synergy in favour of wizard/spells.

    I like the use of aspect of the sea to deny the space our lotann combo doesn't cover. (I think my solution to that is also pretty nice!) I just wonder if this doesn't spread the deck a bit thin. You only have 5 spells, and while your deck is undoubtedly a little more resilient than mine because of them, don't you think it'll be quite hard to find them at the right time? And there's the risk of dead-drawing with a bunch of spells in hand, each that take many turns to clear, bottle-necked by only having one wizard. Just some thoughts?

    I really want to see the list work with wizards too, I think it has good potential, but perhaps including a soulscryer as well might be a good move? I'm not sure.
  • Honestly, I agree... I wanted to try out a Wizard but this might be another case of "I have 20pts to spend so I have to spend all 20!!"

    I really want to try Aspect out with Inspired Glory, just constant lane blocking and threatens the adjacent lane also. As that seems reaaaaally spicy.

    The deck will be pass-drawing a lot so flooded hands (whilst unlikely) wouldn't be too much of a problem I feel, the bigger issue I feel is not being able to actually draw the spells! Haha. Perhaps I'd cut a few units, drop Morrsarr down to 2 instead of 3, maybe just 2 Scouts (though they combo really well), or drop the Barrier Guard... Then add a few more Spells. But with Warding Light being 3 turns (intentionally so, for the Dormant effect), it does open the possibility of clogging by drawing too many unplayable spells.

    Heck, y'know what? The more I talk about it... The more I'm winning myself over.
    Deck Edit;
    -2 Arcane Bolt
    +2 Inspired Glory
    (with the possibility of -1 Unit for a 3rd Inspired Glory depending on how well it does in playtesting)

    I'll play with it some and see how I feel, if things get clunky then I'd defo look into cutting the Wizard stuff, but for now can't really say! ^^

  • HornedRat13HornedRat13 Posts: 6
    I really want to try this list out ! Since I had access to the card data base I’ve known I want to run idoneth deepkin deck ! After going through 15 boosters my luck has left me with a single deepkin card ! (So I ordered a whole box of boosters lol)
  • ZyrrisysZyrrisys Posts: 16
    Looks promising
  • TalinthTalinth Posts: 15
    This looks good - will have to give it a go
  • Aspect is too awkward imo. He needs the same spot one of lotann s buddies occupies.

  • Yeah I have to agree, this was a deck built before the beta event went live so having played a lot since then I need to come back and tweek this <3

  • Updated!

    Aelf & Beasts with a nice twist. Lord-Aquilor is a massively underrated Champion, mainly due to his high cost making him tough to fit into lists. However with the cheap cost of Lotann they make a fantastic duo!

    Deploy Lotann in one of the middle lanes, with Lord-Aquilor taking the other middle slot. Then deploy your Prince adjacent to Lotann, and Lord-Castellant in the far corner. Lord-Aquilor will then rearrange our opponents, many decks have "placement matters" and it can really mess with your opponents gameplan! Especially placing a Warrior infront of Castellant and a non-threat infront of Lotann.

    Lotann plays Beasts and buffs up our scrawny Aelves, providing massive value due to Aelves having lots of low damage corners. His perfect partner being Aetherwing Scout. You will want to pass often, draw up a decent hand size so that you can combo all your pieces together (Beast for Lotann then Aelves either side, or cards to discard to Leviadon, etc). Lochian Prince is incredibly easy to quest with, simply play a beast, cast Jaws or Piercing Shot, next turn the beast deals damage, then just need an Aelf! Very speedy.

    ~ ~ Champions ~ ~
    Lord-Aquilor (7)
    Lotann (3)
    Lochian Prince (2)
    Lord-Castellant (8) - (or 2nd Lochian Prince, then swap Lord of the Host for other Abilities)
    Points: 20 - HP: +2

    ~ ~ Blessings ~ ~
    Blessed Weapons
    Tides of Death
    Divine Blast
    Healing Storm

    ~ ~ Units ~ ~
    3x Aetherwing Scout
    3x Akhelian Barrier Guard
    3x Alpha Gryph-Charger
    2x Biovoltaic Morrsarr Guard
    1x Razorshell Leviadon
    3x Sweeping Namarti Thrall
    3x Swift Namarti Reaver

    ~ ~ Abilities ~ ~
    3x Jaws of Death
    2x Lord of the Host
    3x Piercing Shot
    1x Tactical Formation
    3x Triumphant Smash

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