Scrying Pool VS. Feasting Vargheist

So both of these cards do very similar things, draw you cards.

I've seen a lot of people debating over them, some saying Scrying Pool is a trap, others saying Vargheist is overrated.

So I wanted to come to the forums and see what people thought.

Scrying Pool allows you to view the top 4 cards of your deck and adjust them for future draws, it also draws you 3 cards.

Feasting Vargheist on the other hand gains you health, seems more useful for quest corners, but only draws you 2 cards.

Obviously, both are terribly weak to removal, but I feel Vargheist will generate you more value due to it's healing, but at the same time Scrying Pool can give you deck information... Aaaaaa.... Head spins

What are your thoughts? If you had a War/Wiz, what would you rather deploy infront of it? A Scrying Pool or a Feasting Vargheist?


  • bordonebordone Posts: 3
    Currently the Vargheist is superior because of him being a unit and a Vampire at that.
    If our mages were more interested in spells the value of scrying pool would be higher, unfortunately, even though we are supposed to be a mage faction, the highest amount of spell corners on our champions is 2(Nagash) and the rest of them rock 1(I have 0 Idea why necromancer for example has his atrocious remove corner instead of another spell). We also lack a cheap(4 points) spellcaster.

    Scrying pool in itself is a strong card I feel, the ability to shuffle away bad draws should not be underestimated, but it is just overshadowed by other spells that are more focused on offence and defence.
  • CoffeeBlitzCoffeeBlitz Posts: 41

    I put scrying pool in my nagash risen deck as one of two spells.

    I find that the scry alone is worth playing the card. Reorganize the stacking units to the bottom of the pile and top deck a devour or other ability card if needed. Lots of people like to wait for 2 rotates before removing a card in order to clog up your lane, but nagash can force rotate which can come handy. Also, the removal abilities are the best general card in the game, and to have them use it on scrying pool means theres 2 less premimum removal cards in the deck.

    Also, in terms of spells theres not a ton of good ones aside from the ones that heavily rely on synergy to be good. So I do think its one of the better general death spells. No one can deny that the payoff of draw 3 cards is very nice.

    Vargiest is good, pretty similar to pouncing wolf rider. Also gets benefits from synergy cards.

  • SporHammerSporHammer Posts: 3
    @CoffeeBlitz I agree and also run scrying pools in my Nagash risen. From my experiences the deck runs much smoother when it draws at least 1 copy of its draw spells, mainly since death lacks any way to cheat out resources efficiently.

    The latest change I made is running a 2/ 2 of both Vargehist and pools. Varghist to trigger quests on skel champion and as a minor life gain. Nagash has so few options for life gain, and I think combined with the card draw it makes up for the nombo of being a vamp and not a risen unit.
  • I play both in my Mordant Deck. The Vargheist are great for completing corners 1 and 2 of the Crypt Haunter Courtier quests. I'm also a sucker for free card draw.

    I play Scrying Pool almost exclusively with Deathly Resolve. The ability to look at the top 4 cards, then draw three of them in then same turn is really strong. I use these on my Abhorrent Ghoul King, as he's often last to finish his quest anyway, so using a turn on getting that draw down I find really valuable.

  • DakRoganDakRogan Posts: 21
    How many scrying pool to play with deathly resolve ? max ?
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    Both cards are good. Vhargeist is awesome to crypt haunter courtier to quest and he is also a vampire for VC or Neferata.

    I love scrying pool, when I do not care to much about my warrior wizard, or I have a deck that vomits cards (like ghoul burn).
    I dont like deathly resolve. Mainly, as its a card that does nothing on its own, and as you have no mulligan, drawing them not together with spells is horrible, and having them without spells in starting hand is already game over.

  • davidslvdavidslv Posts: 37

    I saw this card being played against me the other day and I though it was a great addition to my deck alongside Vhargeist.
    I think the two together are a great combo, I wouldn't be comparing between one or the other.

  • 's crying pool is a great card and but the problem is it becomes really clunky card to run more than one that is also quite slow unless deftly resolve issues on it.

    Feasting Vargeist is also great card because not only can it proc healing quest steps but also it's a lot more easy to use as it is uniquely placed on any of your champions as long as you are not willing or wizards and you can run this a lot easier at more than one copy and you can have in your opening and and it's actually useful at least, compared to the pool.

    You can run both but if I was going to do that I'd only run one - pool per two Vargeist. They are great cars to play on the same turn because if your opponent does not have a response to removing either one of these cards to get A +5 card draw and you know what for those cards are unless you shuffled your deck. More than likely your opponent will remove the pool over the Vargeist as it's more card draw.

    the Vargeist is great for baiting out removal cards for some people especially on the digital game they have a habit of removing it when it really doesn't give them an advantage yes you have extra cards in your hand but removal is generally best saved for really powerful unit or spell that would do high damage.

    In my current decks I run 2 Vargeist and one Pool

  • TheLPTheLP Posts: 7
    Scrying pool has been invaluable in my deck, but i generally just play a combo of both.
  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49
    It will always depend on your deck build. Of you're vampire themed and needing them to complete quests then obviously the Feasting Vargeist is better. In a Mordant Ability burn deck I tend to play both but prefer Pool in order to get the damage spells to the top of my deck.

    @CoffeeBlitz & @SporHammer are correct, in a Nagash deck Pool is magnificent. The shuffle aspect of the card is underrated, if two of the cards aren't what you want a free shuffle is great. I'm really happy with my deck and it runs 3 of both, FV I'd my only non-risen unit.

    Both are high targets for removal, and rightly so, I try to at them together or with another powerful card making my opponent make a difficult choice.

    Generally units are easier to remove or make dormant, assuming either are removed I prefer the scry to 2 life. For me the only advantage of FV is that we Death players can recur our units relatively easily so a FV can be used multiple times.

    Go with your gut, if your deck has a theme go with the one closer to that, but my suggestion of you can fit both in, go for it.
  • GapraidGapraid Posts: 32

    I prefer the Vargheist, after having used Pool quite some time in my burn deck. The reasons for this are a) the Vargheist progresses my quests (I play Ghoul Kings only for wizards) and b) I can use abilities, while he is in play. Very often I faced a really serious threat opposite my Pool, which I couldn't handle due to the spell blocking the lane,even though I sometimes did have the removal in hand.

  • RavenmaneRavenmane Posts: 13
    I like feasting vargheists
  • BoratiskoBoratisko Posts: 13
    feasting vargheists are better
  • DarkCornflakeDarkCornflake Posts: 35
    I play 1 Scrying Pool, but 3 Vargheists. The Vargheists, being units can easily be shuffled back into the deck to be drawn again later, and the healing is very useful, also units are better for quest completion. Scrying Pool is a very strong card too though....
  • QestroyQestroy Posts: 12
    Vargheist for sure in my book, multi purpose, easy to play multiple times, turns corners. All the good stuff.
  • BlueWolfBlueWolf Posts: 21

    I guess in the context of this discussion, I would take Vargheist over Pool. Pretty much for all the reasons previously given (quest progression, health while you wait, usable on most champions, can still use abilities, etc.)

    Plus, I can call it back with Call of the Grave or Devour.

    Vargheist is an automatic in my deck, I never weight it against Pool. I like Pool...but will consider that against other cards.

  • BokehBotBokehBot Posts: 39

    Pool is obviously better on paper, but it suffers the plight of wizards.

    Pool gets punished too hard, the lane gets locked for 3 corners (no abilities, enemy can freely play units that punish the lane like from Order or Destruction, even Capricious Flamer).

    It doesn't help stabilize, the 2 HP helps keep you from falling deeply behind (just slightly behind).

    Vampire type also synergizes well with the only defensive Death deck at the moment that wants Vampires.

    You can also throw the Vampire on any row once you have a good board, such as if you put up a Mystic Shield.

    Basically, no one is even trying to punish Wizards intentionally (0-3 specific anti-wizard cards in any given meta deck), but the casual random wizard hate found incidentally on cards is enough to make Pool not usable in the current anti-wizard meta (which isn't even specifically anti Wizard!)

  • I also play both. Love them!
  • Sam_on_MauiSam_on_Maui Posts: 9
    I like them both, but I have to say its situational.

    There will be times when I want to make sure what's coming out is a bit more favorable (or if its just all stuff I want later), plus hopefully get a rush of cards then I use Scrying Pool.

    If I want some health, do quests, etc., then the Vargheist. But, If I'm playing a Zombie Dragon I'd much rather discard the Vargheist since I have tools to get that back, unlike the Scrying Pool (I'm new, so maybe I simply lack the right card to let me fish back the Pool).
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