Alternate Armies

I know the game is in its infancy, but I was wondering what other armies will be included in the game. I play Ogres and Beastclaw Raiders and would be very interested in building a deck around them, or at least with a hero or two from their armies.

Are there others out there with ideas or some other place I should give this input?


  • They'll get to it eventually. Order is basically Stormcasts and Idoneth Deepkin right now and they've got a zillion other factions to pull from.

    I think the real question is what they're going to do with Death, given that they've pretty much represented all the factions already.
  • I have not looked too much into the other factions, but I pushed a bunch of guys in my store to start it with me and they all know me as the Ogre Guy.
  • shillshill Posts: 13
    Hopefully some sylvaneth and Slaan (forget what their new AOS name is)
  • mrgumakmrgumak Posts: 24
    Shill mate, those you want will land into Order alliance basing on Age of Sigmar lore changes.

    From destruction I want Ogres as well
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