Nominate Stores for Champion Demo Days

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Hi all,

We are starting preparations for booking in Demo Days for Champions to begin in August in the UK, USA will be sooner! If you would like to nominate a store you would like us to contact about the possibility of them hosting one then feel free to suggest the store below and its location, or get in touch with the store yourself and ask them to contact us if interested by emailing [email protected], or email us your nominations, again through [email protected] Whichever way suits you!


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    Dragon's Lair Austin, however I'm sure they are already on top of this.

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    Eudemonia Games
    2154 University Ave
    Berkeley, CA
    510 883 0814

    Games of Berkeley
    2510 Durant Ave
    Berkeley, CA
    510 540 7822

    921 Washington St
    Oakland, CA
    510 465 3637

    Ronin Games
    19601 Center St
    Castro Valley, CA
    510 733 5094

    Outflank Games
    1325 Gateway Blvd C-2
    Fairfield, CA
    707 410 0820

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    Gamesworkshop Crawley UK
    Gamesworkshop Nottingham UK HQ
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    Games Workshop Cribbs Causeway, UK
    Excelsior! Games, Bristol UK (You guys did a great Demo/Launch day for Lightseekers here)
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