Smash and Burn

Smash And Burn says 'Rotate highlited units to their final corner.' Do you resolve each corner on the way or just the final one?


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    If 'Rotated' from a card effect, corners passed over or landed on immediately trigger, if applicable (e.g. a Heroic Act wouldn't trigger as it requires an action to activate).

  • LegionaireBLegionaireB Posts: 2
    Thanks for clearing that up,
  • Thanks for clearing that up, that makes it insanely powerful, and not just okay :) Im gonna use this from now on!
  • Definitely a great card if you're fielded correctly

    I try to field as much as I can when I'm about to complete a champion's quests, just hoping I trip this off!
  • shillshill Posts: 13
    having great success with this card!
  • VhenlarVhenlar Posts: 28

    Thanks for explaining

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