Its usefull SERVE IN DEATH ?

Hi, I am thinking what Ability cards put in my deck.

What do you think about SERVE IN DEATH, I do not see his use since the rises and spirt units would only dmg.

Pls said me what abilities you prefer.



  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    If you have a Risen and Spirit Deck, maybe playing Nagash, these are great.
    I like using them with Zombie Dragon.

  • ThunderfrogThunderfrog Posts: 23
    This card usually finds itself situational at best.

    A good situation for it is something like 2 skeleton legions, and 2 champs who need an ability or damage to rotate.

    Unfortunately, the average situation will be maybe 1 or 2 damage or you play it just to rotate a champ. I like the idea of it but eventually gave up waiting for that perfect storm.
  • I think the current card pool doesn't allow it to do anything worthwhile. You'd be better off playing damage abilities instead since that's pretty much what you'll get out of the current Risen or Spirit cards (that or damage prevention, which does nothing). Those units that do removal would already have done their removal ability by the time you play Serve in Death, so you don't get any extra removal out of it.

    I'd play it IF you have a deck where it will routinely do more damage than the other damage abilities. Maybe some Risen/Spirit cards will have more utility in future sets, in which case this might become good.

  • CoffeeBlitzCoffeeBlitz Posts: 41

    At best you can get like 6 damage with a zombie dragon on board.
    I'd rather have a guaranteed 3 damage than a situational 6. The 3 damage abilities are useful for triggering quests as well as in the ghoul king burn deck.

  • It's bet used on the final corner of the big unit the terrorgeihsts z drag or a fully stacked reapers
  • Most common use will be for extra damage off of units (either Stacked or otherwise). As long as you do more than 3 damage with it, it's not a bad include, especially if it causes a Quest. But, the timing on it is narrow so you wouldn't run too many of these at the moment I think. Aside from damage, there are not too many other uses at the moment.
  • SporHammerSporHammer Posts: 3
    With the current options Death has for direct damage ability cards, I think serve in death is great (if built around properly). I've been running 2 in my Nagash Risen Deck and while the card can sit in hand, more often I always have at minimum a two damage play. Normal is around 3 - 4, upper end of 5-6 damage. The best feature of the card though is the combo in the Nagash deck, when you run two **** knights. Their last two quest counters is an Ability, into damage. Serve in death finishes their quest with a single card. The ability to suddenly complete a quest with two counters in death is huge and has allowed me to win games out of the blue.
  • RavenmaneRavenmane Posts: 13
    edited October 2018
    I find it sitting on My hand way too often
  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49

    For utility could couple with Tactical Formation & either Shrieking Terrorgeist or Charging Black Knight for extra removal; but yes it seems a bit scarce on valid options as it stands. I'm sure it will get better later.

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