Can A Rip-Tooth Megaboss spin twice in one turn using its own ability?

If you remove an enemies card you can progress the Boss 1 step forward. It additional says 'even if the card that applied the REMOVE also progressed the quest'. So as an example; does that mean if I play a Deadly Chop, remove a unit and do 1 damage I could spin twice? Once for the remove and once for the damage etc.?


  • UKDreadnaughtUKDreadnaught Posts: 121Moderator Mod

    If the removal and damage is coming from Deadly Chop than afraid not.

    Take from the rules below

    3.3: Quests:

    A Champion can only complete one Objective per card per turn (see ‘4: Playing the Game’ overleaf). For
    example, if a Champion has the Objectives ‘Ability’ and ‘Damage’ and play an Ability card that deals damage,
    only the ‘Ability’ Objective is completed. However, if playing an Ability triggered a Unit controlled by that
    Champion to deal 1 damage, the damage Objective would also be completed, as it came from a different

  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 34
    UKDreadnought, The Deadly chop does a damage & removes a unit. Quest progresses. Hero Ability says he can do another quest step if a removal occurs. This is a separate card (the Hero's) triggering the quest so I think it is valid.
  • UKDreadnaughtUKDreadnaught Posts: 121Moderator Mod

    Apologies i assumed we were talking about the 2 steps from the Deadly Chop, So this then goes to the Standard Order, So you play deadly chop which will remove a highlighted spell / unit and then do 1 damage,

    the card says "progress this champion's quest 1 step forwards whenever it removes 1 or more highlighted units (Even if the card that applied the remove also progressed the quest)

    So Remove the unit / spell this satisfy the requirement for Rip-tooth to turn a step forward if the step forward has moved you onto a damage corner (2 or 4) then yes you would move another step forward, you could even play it on step 2 have the removal move you to the ability corner 3 and have deadly chop move you onto the final corner.

    So i guess in short the answer is yes as long as it removes a card and is played on the rip tooths lane you can step him forward twice.

  • RancordRancord Posts: 44
    I so often trigger this baby t2. T1 any unit that deals damage in t2, then draw a card. T2 you fulfil damage quest and then if enemy was so naive to play a unit oppose to him, use deadly chop for an instant quest fulfill, or you could also use the rallying cry into a unit that does instant damage to trigger a t2 blessing. If you then hit infusing of waagh for example, you fill the whole board with one action and trigger a total of 3+ any unit you got from infusing quests with one action.
  • LordSpoopsLordSpoops Posts: 6
    Once you place Rip-Tooth Megaboss, your opponent might try to place a wizard in front of him to avoid triggering his ability (only works if you're removing units, not spells). Just be ready for that.
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    he is still easy to quest, as said the removal extra quest trigger is just a bonus

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