CA$H Tournament Dayton Ohio

I am not cool enough to post links here yet. So here's the skinny.

$10 buy in.
We already have well over 10 players in, so we are over the $100 ****.

Swiss formate with scaled top 8 cuts.

For more details go to facebook and look up "Bell Book and Comic" then go to events and see Sept 1.

We may have to cap this event for head space, if we do it will be listed there.

Pre-registration will go live next week.


  • keeblerpowellkeeblerpowell Posts: 5
    Hey guys just wanted to say we are gonna have a great turn out for this event!

    Cash prizes and some awesome swag from play Fusion!
  • Kusnix1Kusnix1 Posts: 15
    All I can do is to wish participants the best of Luck.
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