DTCG Beta bug reporting/ feedback

Hi All,

If you are a DTCG beta tester there is now a "Warhammer DTCG Beta" forum thread where you are able to discuss the game, provide feedback and bug reporting.

You will only be able to see this thread with the "DTCG Beta Tester" rank. Assigning this rank is a manual process, so if you are a beta tester and can't see the private thread then do not panic, you will be assigned the correct rank in due time so just please be patient.

Your feedback is very much appreciated, especially in this beta phase as we move to full launch so please keep them coming!

Again if you are not on the beta and would like to be, you can request early access here: https://www.warhammerchampions.com/request-early-access/


  • IradekhorneIradekhorne Posts: 14
    edited August 2018

    Im a beta tester!
    I'm not in panic (yet), but i am playing like 3 days, if was possible, i want report bugs for made warhammer champions great (not again, bcause he started now haha).
    I made one post (I posted it before i read this post)
    If some administrator want move it to the right place... xD
    And.... this game is absolute awesome. This TCG have a LOT of potential.
    And i can do an efective monokhorne deck!! is just glorius haha

  • register50register50 Posts: 51

    Release tomorrow? Or is there still open beta testing? What are your plans?

  • register50register50 Posts: 51
    edited August 2018

    p.s. The developers answer - "there will be more information soon".

  • i had a different mail adress here before, so i changed it to get access to the beta forum
  • Possible bug reports although only seen them once each.
    Infected Terrorgeist didn’t do its last stand damage after fully rotating.
    Gordrakk didn’t do an extra 2 damage against a wizard after using Deadly Chop

  • MoriarMoriar Posts: 53

    hi. i have the beta but i don't havve access to the above mentioned forum. i did change my email on this forum account which may account for that. any chance you can point me in the right direction? thanks.

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