Is Celestant-Prime the only hero that allows for Draws via heroic Act for heroes?

Pretty much what is says in the subject.

Is Celestant Prime the only hero that allows for mid turn card draws?

Being Celetant-Prime puts cards at the bottom of the deck, I would be curious if there were cards in the future that allowed for bottom scavenging, similar to Lightseekers does with Kindred now.


  • Warboss Recruiter also allows you to draw a card using an Action, and if it's an Orruk you can play it for free. Some people honestly consider it to be better than Prime, who seems more focused around control/drawing that answer you need.

    It'd be cool to see a race get a mechanic like that later on, like Skaven or something, tunnel around so could work on manipulating the bottom of your deck etc :D

  • One penalty is that with Warboss Recruiter it's drawn face up, so you probably cannot surprise your opponent with a card that you draw that way, but drawing on an action is so much better than drawing at end of turn...

  • rumphsthumprumphsthump Posts: 13
    But you do save an action with the warboss recruiter like 50% of the time because you can deploy it directly when you draw it!
  • BokehBotBokehBot Posts: 39
    Gaunt Summoner can draw from the discard whatever Demon you want (for 2 damage), then as second action play it.

    This can actually be pretty good if you have the health to convert into advantage. And of course obvious synergies if you have a self-harm synergy going.
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