PC Client for the game

Hey everyone, been playing around the app and I think its fantastic for a beta. One thing I am hoping for is a PC client for this game as well. Does anyone know if this is in the works or is it strictly mobile?


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    The answer my friend is in the FAQ

    "Champions will also be available on Steam for PC at a later date."


  • Megalodon360Megalodon360 Posts: 1
    Yay I would love this on Steam!
  • SirPentSirPent Posts: 27
    That would be so nice...
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    They've really covered all the bases for this game so far! I'm stoked!
  • SarovanSarovan Posts: 29
    This is great news!
  • ZorzogothZorzogoth Posts: 12
    Superb !
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  • SvetgarSvetgar Posts: 14
    Awesome, but we have to be able to import our collection.
  • PepePepe Posts: 11
    My only concern is how will the scanning process work on the steam version? I don't have a cam for example...
  • Oh yes, thats gonna be great! Much better viewability for those of us who have smaller phone screens :) Also, procrastination when we should be working ahem :wink:


    @Svetgar & @Pepe The game will lost likely be linked to the mobile app, so any of your scanned cards will carry over from that. However the possibility of using a web cam could be likely also!

  • If the game is made in Unity, which I think it is, it can be easily ported into PC just like they (PF) announced.
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    Can’t wait for this!
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    It runs on PC now. Just use an Android emulator. I use Bluestacks 3 and have been playing on PC since Beta with no problems. Even with a fairly basic PC screen my App is over 12" high which is great for my old eyes.

  • GruenherzGruenherz Posts: 19
    Yeah it honestly needs a decent PC version soon. Watching this game played on Twitch is a giant pain because everything is so small on the mobile client and it makes for somewhat poor streaming.
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    Go download BlueStack and run it with you'r android gmail. It imports all your phone data and you can play android games on PC. I used it with PocemonGo and GPS emulator to "travell" all around the world.
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    I don't have android, I play on iOS so I guess I can't use Bluestack? Any idea of when it will be implemented natively on Steam?
  • RolfRolf1111RolfRolf1111 Posts: 11
    You can emulate android on PC and give it a try
  • PenguiniusPenguinius Posts: 11
    any chance of a Mac version for steam as well?
  • grimdrakengrimdraken Posts: 15
    Oh sweet! Anything to get the digital version on a bigger screen. It's good though.
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