Rotate card rules

How do cards that involve manually rotating other cards get calculated? I have three scenarios I would like to ask about

For one scenario I am going to use the expensive orc champions heroic action. Does it involve every affected unit toggling every step they have until their last corner, or does it just skip all the way to the last corner and only do that corner itself?

For the second scenario I am using the death wizard ability that advances spells by 2. Would this one allow every corner it lands on to take effect? Or if this would land the spell in its exhaust period would the spell just fizzle out?

For the final scenario I am going to used cursed strike. Does the corner the unit lands on take effect as if it had moved there naturally on the owners turn?


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    Just look up the rotate keyword and that will tell you everything you want to know.

    If 'Rotated' from a card effect, corners passed over or landed on immediately trigger, if applicable (e.g. a Heroic Act wouldn't trigger as it requires an action to activate). Cards cannot 'Rotate' backwards past their first corner, but can be 'Rotated' forwards past their last corner (in which case they are 'Exhausted').

    Every corner always triggers through rotation.

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    If it were a snake it would have bit me. Thank you for clearing that up.
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    Good info!
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