Lack of "flavour".

Just noticed cards only contain card effects, there's nearly no flavourish quotes or descriptions. Only some blank cards without abilities have something like this. I'm not familiar with AoS universe but i think such things would help to improve overall knowledge and help to immerse into lore.


  • smerfsmerf Posts: 9
    edited August 2018

    Completely agree, one of the things I love about shadespire is the quotes and descriptions on the cards.

  • MoriarMoriar Posts: 53

    there may be limitations as to what they can show. i talked to the guy who did a demo day and they said they couldn't believe how many rules GW placed on them.

  • SoDeFCallidusSoDeFCallidus Posts: 4

    Due to it being produced by PlayFusion rather than Games Workshop, I imagine they will be unable to produce their own background for the cards as Games Workshop would want it to stay canon.

    They’d probably have to pay more licensing fees to have background for the cards.

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