Storage Solutions?

KrechevskoyKrechevskoy Posts: 23
Right now I can fit a starter deck and the accompanying booster box extras into a single ultra pro per Alliance.

I am trying not to break up or disassemble my starter decks for cards as I can get new players to play those with me. Basically just give them 4 fairly equal decks to choose from.

Is there any product out there that allows for storing a row of cards and subdivide out decks? So I can store a starter, a fabricated deck , then the extra cards for that order for easy deck building.



  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    Plenty of suggestions here

  • RancordRancord Posts: 44
    I really like wodden chests, with markers in it. Depends how the game is gonna expand, but I am certainly no fan of binders
  • KrechevskoyKrechevskoy Posts: 23
    Not a fan of binders either especially when you categorize them for easy storage than you have to shift the cards over when you just get 1 new card.
  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    Do you not leave spaces for the cards you don't have?

  • Binders are the worst, except for the plenty of extra cards you have no need for but still a pain. I thought about writing all the cards in an excel list, what's in what deck (also ease for deck building knowing what is where and how much I have) and what location ie binder, box #, what deck, ect

  • ChampionChampion Posts: 415 ✭✭✭

    This chap made a card list.
    haven't checked it personally though.

  • @Champion oh thank god lol I wasn't looking forward to that

  • HapyooHapyoo Posts: 20
    a binder?
  • drakiradrakira Posts: 22
    My local has card game boxes for about £4 each similar to the founders one in size. Look generic for all TCG systems, although I’m new to it. I’ve gone binders for collecting and boxes for Gaming deck cards
  • drakiradrakira Posts: 22
    I just have a deck per faction and stored alphabetically like the champions website library drill down - then deck I’m using has its own box
  • drakiradrakira Posts: 22
    Soz “deck box per faction” that should read
  • UKDreadnaughtUKDreadnaught Posts: 121Moderator Mod

    I got myself one of these things,

    It holds well as you can tell around 550 cards as well as both my play mats and has a little side box for dice/counters.

    its pretty solid.

  • That looks sweet @UKDreadnaught

  • ZorzogothZorzogoth Posts: 12
    I use binders for all my LCG's. When you start to collect a cardgame it seems easier to just sleeve all and put them in a storage box. But when the collection grows this becomes very unwieldy and I find binders where you categorize and sort the factions much more convenient having an overview of everything. Also saves space.
  • SvetgarSvetgar Posts: 14
    Depends on if you are playing or collecting. For collecting, binder hands down. For playing, I use deck boxes for portable grab and go, or the larger cardboard storage boxes for storage.
  • I bought one of these for each Grand Alliance; front left houses all of the Champions, back left the Blessings, front middle the Units, back middle the Spells, front right an unadulterated starter deck (for teaching the game) and back right the Abilities.

  • @WibbleNut that looks sweet and practical, where did you get that

  • Awesome, thanks @WibbleNut I just saw these at my FLGS the other day and plan on grabbing them tonight

  • GruenherzGruenherz Posts: 19
    All my MTG cards live in those cheap BCW cardboard boxes while all my WHU:Shadespire and Arkham Horror LCG cards live in binders. Somewhat undecided yet on what to do with AoS:C (is there an official abbreviation yet?) but I'm leaning towards binders for now because I like it for easy deckbuilding, especially if you double sleeve anyway and can keep all the cards in their inner sleeves in the binder until you need them.
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