Are Wizards sub-optimal?

Disclosure:- I am new to CCG's but have played wargames/boardgames for years.

What is the point of Wizards (except maybe war/wiz)? They can't use abilities when a spell is deployed, they cause you to use 6-9 (?) cards in your deck that other champs can't use, and by splitting the deck into 3 groups of cards increases the likelihood of having a poor hand to choose from.

All the 'good' decks I have come up with use warrior exclusively.

Please let me know if you agree, or if I am wrong please explain why to a CCG noob.



  • stubobjstubobj Posts: 44

    There are some pretty powerful spells. It all depends what you want from you deck. At this point with the game still being new the go to decks are very aggressive and use only warriors. But there are definitely some good wizard decks out there. I play celestant prime and archaon to very good effect.

  • CoffeeBlitzCoffeeBlitz Posts: 41

    It really depends on the deck, but will agree that on average wizards are weaker than warriors. Most of the best decks have little to no wizard cards.

    In terms of raw power, many spells are stronger than units. Like arcane bolt at 3 corners does 7 damage which is better than any 3 corner unit in the game with no down side.

    One issue with spells is that there are a lot of underpowered ones dealing below average damage or healing with a really sub par effect. So its hard to fill a whole deck with powerful spells. Also theres over all pretty weak synergy with champions but units get tons of champ synergy. Many bad spells have effectd that require too much setup to be consistently good or require too specific a board on the opponents side. Last issue I can think of is many spells only activate on their last corner making them a great removal target.

    I never run pure wizard since so many spells impact units. Some good wizards and war/wiz champs are:

    Lord of Change
    Gaunt Summoner
    Ghoul King

  • DragonetDragonet Posts: 47

    Snazzgar Stinkmullet with Feast of Mork and Invigorating Chant support aggressive Destruction decks extremely well. That's 7 - 9 instant heal with only 2-4 spell cards in your deck. If you ever play a second spell is up to you. While Feast of Mork without the heroic act is not necessarily a good idea, Invigorating chant still works or at least draws an enemy remove card from your damage cards. I rarely get to 4 blessings in a game, so not getting Snazzgars blessing is not a big loss.

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    I dont like
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    I played against an all wizard deck (order) and it actually ran pretty well. With comet and lightning strikes it stung pretty bad too!
  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 34
    JSilk, Order are (I think) the only faction that can do that. And an all Wiz deck gets around a lot of the problems of mixing champion types. They still can't play abilities with spells out but they also get round some of the remove cards with so few units out.

    I still think mixing is worse than pure warrior - although I am doing a Death deck and I think it need war/wiz to stand a chance :)
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  • SirPentSirPent Posts: 27
    Using a mixed Chaos deck atm and works well so far
  • CoffeeBlitzCoffeeBlitz Posts: 41
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    Yeah just fought an all wizard order deck and it works really well.

    Unlike all other alliances, order has a ton of simple, high damage spells to stuff your deck with.
    All of their spells will out damage any units without buffs in the game.

    I put lord-veridant and lord-relitcator as champs and literally every high damage spell in order and unaligned.
    Also added 6 beasts cards in there for good measure.

  • Widowmaker93Widowmaker93 Posts: 12
    All Wizards just seems like a bad idea
  • I disagree. Both all-Warrior and all-Wizard benefits from consistency, since it's easier to ensure you have plays for all your lanes if you have only 2 card types to draw from instead of 3. Spells are overall more powerful than units, though slower. Units have more steady benefits. Abilities are one-shot so are faster overall but tend to not be as powerful as either of the other types over the long game.

  • SarovanSarovan Posts: 29
    Going to make an all Wizard deck at some point, lol!
  • SyckxSyckx Posts: 12
    I found a use by chaining their abilities with warriors.
  • Wizards due have some appeal in some decks, but for the most part they are slow and not as good as other abilities/units

  • warpigdavewarpigdave Posts: 11

    I have found that wizards not being able to use abilities while a spell is in play is very frustrating. Warriors can use abilities while a unit is in play. Now spells tend to be more powerful, but that trade off also comes with how long they take to sucessfully cast. I have taken most wizards out of my decks. Wizard/Warriors I love though.

  • to1v1to1v1 Posts: 6
    It just depends on what deck you want to run. Wizards are auto includes in some decks so you can combo their abilities with units.

    Just play around with them, I do feel they will be more a support role as has been mentioned not being able to play abilities while controlling a spell can hold you back and slow you down.

    Some of those 2 turn spells are great though.
  • RancordRancord Posts: 44

    It also depends a bit:

    • Chaos has 3 wizard abilities that work perfectly with last stand, so having Archaon or a wizard can be really good. Also PFI can just add bonus damage, and with gaunt summoner you have a trigger.
    • Destruction has only 2 wizard abilities and one is just bad. With Gaze and Puke they have 2 very strong fast spells, and with Kunnin Grot Shaman and Snazzgar they have very good wizards for spell strategies/synergies.
    • Death has only 2 only wizards, both are Risen specific, and the wizard ability supports, plus nagash is more warrior wizard and can speed up spells. Frightful touch is amazing, especially with Nerfata or Blood Queen. Black Hunger kinda fits the ghoul king, because he wants to be next to a mordant champion, and then the units buffed by it can be any race.
    • Order has aspect of the sea and many instant spells

    Think about how spells/wizard abilities enable your deck way more. Think about also, that sometimes your enemies pack in those delayed unit removal stuff, that you make harder for him to use. Or that Lord Castellant only does damage back from a unit but not from a spell, then you have many options.

    If you build a warrior deck and then add the 4th champ as wizard and throw in some spells/abilities it makes very little sense. The way the starter decks are it is like that.

  • dirtcheapdirtcheap Posts: 27
    I cannot seem to figure out a good strategy for my wizards I have played so far. This thread has some good ideas tho. I do like deaths spell Scrying Pool and it works well with Nagash but cannot figure out much else to do with him.
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