How you solve the poor draw?

While I am able to win with a stormcast deck, I get often stopped, that my only draw is passing. You only have Inspired Glory anyway in tehf action


  • stubobjstubobj Posts: 44

    Try celestant prime. Its better than just passing to draw. Celestial fate is also pretty good since it can set up future draws or shuffle your deck. Tactical formation is a useful effect with card draw.

  • RancordRancord Posts: 44
    Celestial Prime I dont find, fate and tactical are only cantrips that also cost me an action.
  • Be smart with your cards and get the most value you can out of them, that's pretty much it.

    Otherwise as the above said you have cantrips you can use to dig for the most efficient answer you can.

  • Passive draw: play more cards with 4 corners, because they stay active longer, so you can pass more often while still having an effect on the game.

    Restarting units: getting a card in play is two actions (draw a card, play it). Pennant of Sigmaron and Vorrus Starstrike both have an Heroic Action (once per game) to restart your board. If you do it on one unit that is on their last corner, it's the equivalent of drawing that card specifically and playing it, which is two actions (and a bit better because if it's a good unit, it's one of your best draws in the deck, not just a random draw) and thus is basically giving you an extra action (i.e. an extra draw). Every extra corner you get out of the deal (by resetting 2 or more units, at least one of which is on its final corner) is extra partial draws. Lord of the Host is slightly less effective, basically itself costing you a draw and a play in order to get 2 health and one of your best draws, but it's still pretty good and fulfills your ability quests.

    Tempo: Stormcast cards like Disruptive Decimators or Hurricane Raptors are mostly aggro-control and cares about setting game tempo, not about card advantage. Don't play for the long game, play for the mid to early game. I don't think there's a solid control deck in Order in wave 1, but there's a lot of really good aggro-control builds.

  • drdeathmetaldrdeathmetal Posts: 6
    Celestant-Prime and Inspired Glory have been working really well for me. Prime filters your deck very quickly by using the draw eff every turn and filtering through for removal/stun cards while Inspired Glory slows your opponents game plan down forcing them to waste removal or letting you draw 2 cards.
  • HapyooHapyoo Posts: 20
    I like inspired glory a lot
  • RavenmaneRavenmane Posts: 13
    Moar card draw
  • Cornix42Cornix42 Posts: 49

    Not all alliances can have the same strengths; that's how homogenisation occurs which blurs the differences and reasons to play different alliances (other than fluff or aesthetic reasons).

    Order, usually, draws less cards: fact. Just the way it is. However as @XDarkAngelX said above Order's options at restarting units is something unique. Order players draw less cards but use them for longer.

    Also Order's units which stop units or spells or sometimes actions altogether can make some of the cards another player draws dead cards in hand.

    CP is always going to be better than a pass, not only due to the scry affect but being able to use the card on the same turn.

    I love Inspired Glory, especially on Aspect of the Sea. 3 lanes become difficult for units to use.

    If you choose to play order Order, or any alliance for that matter, accept the weaknesses & revel in your strengths. Restart those cards activate them again and again. Channel your foes forces down lanes that hinder quest completion. Trust me you have the tools to succeed.

  • nicklee23nicklee23 Posts: 11
    Hmm not sure I like Celestant Prime - what if you draw 2 killer cards that are key to your strategy and you have to send 1 to the bottom :(
  • itoluiitolui Posts: 7
    I use spell and blessing to slove this. However, healing is much more worst
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